• The VRG Team

    Seasoned professionals with expertise in a number of industry verticals. In addition to operating and management expertise, VRG also provides the in-house resources of finance, accounting and legal advice to its partner companies.

    Family Offices

    Our independent multi-family office helps partners and businesses seeking capital for growth.

    Strategic Partners

    VRG Capital has developed relationships with providers across several sectors. Whether it is detailed and thorough research and testing in the pharmaceutical industry or leading data mining and analysis in the technology sector, VRG has the relationships to assist companies with their growth plans.

    Financial Alternatives

    Funding and financing growth opportunities can develop in many ways. From capital markets to debt markets to private placements, VRG has relationships and experience in all facets of funding.

    International Experience

    VRG Capital is associated with key financial and operational resources throughout the world. As businesses grow, new markets and opportunities emerge. Through VRG's international relationships, partner companies can tap into these networks and garner valuable insight and expertise in non-Canadian markets.