• Built on over 40 years of independent investment experience, we focus on a set of criteria for potential partnerships:
    • Motivated, talented and trustworthy entrepreneurs and management teams who have a meaningful equity stake in their businesses
    • Companies with unique positions in their industry and barriers to entry
    • Ability to tell the story
    • Ability to grow revenues and margins through organic opportunities first, acquisitions and mergers second
    • Company clients that are recognized and are dominant forces in their market

    We focus on building long-term value in our companies. Having been entrepreneurs ourselves and having worked with many other entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges growing a business. This practical knowledge and firsthand experience allows us to develop close, long-term relationships with the founders and managers of the companies in which we invest.

    By respecting each other, and with integrity and honesty at the core of our values, we build partnerships on a foundation of mutual trust.