Gordon Feeney


Gordon "Gord" J. Feeney has served as honorary chairman of VRG Capital Corp. since October 2015.

Mr. Feeney serves as chairman of Rideau Inc. (also known as Rideau Recognition Solutions Inc.), Rainsford Lane Prestige Properties Ltd. and Canadian Management Centre. He was chairman of Canada Post from 2004 to 2007 and vice-chairman of the American Management Association. He served as deputy chairman of the Board of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Financial Group) until retiring in July 2001. He joined Royal Bank in 1959.

Mr. Feeney serves as a director of the Finance Corp. of Bahamas, Rideau Inc., Moneris Solutions Corp., Royal Mutual Funds Inc., International Survey Research Group, RBC Advisor Global Fund Inc. and Synergy Asset Management Inc. He was an independent director of DH Corp. (alternate name Davis + Henderson Corp.) from July 2002 until May 2015. He is a former director of Canada Post and was the lead director of Wheels Group Inc. from June 2012 until July 2014. He has served as a director of the Business Development Bank of Canada since March 2002.

Mr. Feeney is the honorary consul for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and serves on several community boards.